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One ounce will sow 25 feet square and produce plants for one acre.
This is a paying crop, and will do well in this state.
The following varieties have been thoroughly tested in this climate. Our seed of most of these was grown on the crown panicles of select plants. Early in spring burn a brush pile on the ground to be used for seed bed. Then thoroughly pulverize the soil, digging and mixing in ashes. Sow seed very shallow. When plants are six inches high transplant into rows four feet apart. Cultivate thoroughly.
HESTER- Makes fine cigar stock. It has size, shape, texture and color, and ripens early. It recommends itself greatly in this, that it has greater adaptability over a wider range of soils and latitude than any other of the yellow varieties, and may, on this score, be considered the surest; per 1/4 lb. $1; oz. 35c... 10.
STERLING- The newest and brightest of the yellow type, and being the earliest to ripen, is surest in localities liable to early frosts; per 1/4 lb. $1; oz. 30c... 5.
BIG HAVANA- A Hybrid Havana or Cuban seed-leaf. A heavy cropper, of fine texture, delightful flavor and the earliest cigar variety to mature and ripen. Will make two crops from one planting in the South, whilst its earliness makes it most desirable for high latitudes; per 1/4 lb. $1; oz. 30c... 5.
Connecticut Seed Leaf- Well adapted to this climate; per 1/4 lb. 90c; oz. 25c... 5.
White Burley- Thrives best on a limestone soil; per 1/4 lb. $1; oz. 30c... 5.
Imported Havana- Per 1/4 lb. $1.50; oz. 45c... 10.

TOMATO-- Ger. Liebesapfel.
One ounce will produce about 1,500 plants.
Sow early in March in hot-beds or seed-boxes, and when plants have four leaves transplant to four or five inches apart; give plenty of air and endeavor to secure a vigorous and healthy growth. When all danger of frost is past transplant to open ground four to six feet apart each way. Well manured, light sandy soil is best, but it must be remembered that a surplus of manure stimulates leaf growth to the detriment of fruit.
Early Conqueror--Very early, smooth and good sized; per 1/4 lb. 65c; oz. 20c... 5.
Early Canada Victor--Per 1/4 lb. 50c; oz. 15c. 5.
TURNER'S HYBRID, OR MIKADO--See description in novelty list; per oz. 50c... 10.
OPTIMUS--A new variety, and we believe the best table Tomato in existence. Vines medium sized, but vigorous, healthy and productive, bearing its fruit in clusters of five. Fruit medium size, oval, very smooth, exceedingly bright, rich, crimson scarlet color, very free from cracks, and rotting less than any of the 70 varieties with which it has been compared. The flesh is of a crimson scarlet color, and is also the best in flavor. Resembles the Favorite but is much more uniform and better; per 1/4 lb. $1; oz. 35c... 10.
Favorite--A large, smooth Tomato, very prolific and similar to the preceding; per 1/4 lb. 75c; oz. 25c. 5.
LIVINGSTON'S NEW BEAUTY--This new variety is one of the best ever introduced. Its beauty, size, shape, perfection, color, flavor, durability and productiveness make it desirable to all classes of Tomato growers, being of a very glossy crimson with a slight tinge of purple (lighter than the Acme.) Grows in clusters of four or five large fruits, (on a strong vine,) retaining its large size very late in the season; per 1/4 lb. 85c; oz. 25c... 5.
PERFECTION--Somewhat larger than the Acme, ripens all over the through at the same time; is free from rot at the blossom end. We consider this one of the best Tomatoes grown; per 1/4 lb. 65c; oz. 20c... 5.
NEW CARDINAL--A large, grand Tomato, which has become very popular, and we recommend it as being a very choice sort. To briefly describe it, the fruit is smooth, of a deep cardinal color, with flesh of the same rich hue, without a green core, very thick and solid, ripens evenly, has no green spots or ends, is a good keeper, and hence is a good shipper, matures at the same time as the Trophy, a vigorous grower, and very productive; per 1/4 lb. 85c; oz. 25c... 5.
D. S. Koons, of Utica, Ind., says: "The Cardinal Tomatoes grown from your seed were the finest I ever saw for canning. We never had their equal."
Acme--Among the earliest, medium size, very smooth, solid clear through, great bearer, color dark red tinged with purple; per 1/4 lb. 60c; oz. 20c. 5.
Paragon--Best for canning; per 1/4 lb. 60c; oz. 20c. 5.
General Grant--A favorite variety in some sections; per 1/4 lb. 50c; oz. 15c... 5.
Trophy--One of the largest and best, fine quality, medium early, heavy and solid. Great favorite; per 1/4 lb. 65c; oz. 20c... 5.
Golden Trophy--Our choice of the yellow varieties; color it a beautiful canary yellow; per 1/4 lb. 85c; oz. 25c... 5.
Red Cherry--Perfectly round and smooth, about the size of a cherry. Handsome and fine for pickles or preserves; per 1/4 lb. $1; oz. 30c... 5.
Red Currant--Quite ornamental, resembling long bunches of currants; per 1/4 lb. $1; oz. 30c... 5.
Yellow Plum--Good for preserving and pickling, plum shape, solid and smooth; per 1/4 lb. $1; oz. 30c... 5.

TURNIPS-- Ger. Steekrube.
One ounce will sow 150 feet of drill; two pounds will sow an acre.
For early, sow in April. For main crop, sow during July and August, and just before or during a showery time if possible. Often by sowing an early variety as late as September 1st a good crop can be obtained. The Purple Top Munich is excellent for this purpose. The soil should be rich and mellow, and kept free from weeds. Sow in drills half an inch deep and twelve inches apart. Thin to six inches apart in the drill.
EXTRA EARLY PURPLE TOP MILAN--(Strap-leaved)--This new variety has proven to be the earliest in cultivation. It is of medium size and flat shape, pure white flesh, of excellent flavor, small top and a good keeper; per lb. $1; 1/4 lb. 30c; oz. 10c... 5.
Extra Early Purple Top Munich--A very handsome Turnip, with purplish red top, flesh as white as snow, and of the most delicate flavor; per lb. 75c; 1/4 lb. 25c; oz. 10c... 5.
EARLY WHITE EGG--Very early and particularly desirable for the table, flesh firm and fine grained, sweet and sugary, and of snowy whiteness; egg shaped; per lb. $1; 1/4 lb. 30c; oz. 10c... 5.
Early White Six Weeks--Very early and excellent; per lb. 75c; 1/4 lb. 25c; oz. 10c... 5.
Early White Flat Dutch--An early white fleshed variety, usually sown early in the spring; of quick growth, juicy, mild flavor, and excellent quality; also grown for a fall crop; per lb. 60c; 1/4 lb. 20c; oz. 10c... 5.

PURPLE TOP STRAP-LEAVED--The standard for this part of the country. Superior for early or late planting. Round, flat, good sized, mall top with but few leaves, flesh very fine grained, flavor good. (See cut;) per lb. 50c; 1/4 lb. 25c; oz. 10c; 5 pounds or more not prepaid, at 30c per pound... 5.
Mrs. D. G. Adams, of Hay Springs, Neb., writes, under date of October 31, 1887: "From a half pound of Purple Top Strap-Leaved Turnip seed bought from you we have a hundred bushels of very [continued next page]

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