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she was struck with some very strong feeling. We could not move her hands or eyes until we took her from the stool. When Miss Ann would play
she was all attention, nothing drew her attention from those sounds that her ears appeared to drink with pleasure.

Mr. Christy will move in Mr Tilfords house on main street tomorrow. He thinks the house that he now lives in is not healthy. Mr Tilford
has purchased the house that Miss Susan lived in last summer.

Your Uncle Thomas is holding court in Georgetown at this time, this is the last week for this term.

Mary Jane sends her love to you, and says you must not think by her not writing to you that she thinks less of you, or that she has not the
greatest solicitude for your happiness and prosperity. Our servants are distressed that you will not come home, before you are caught all,
Gese, in particular says, "Give my love to {master} Theodore". Do write the moment you get this, if { } not hear from you in two weeks, to a
day, or see you, I shall be sure that you have the cholear, do not fail.

Your grandmother sends you her love and blessing. I do not believe that the change of air is dangerous, no not I. I am perfectly
willing for you to try it. Be careful of your health and {privacy} for the grace of God, that your immortal soul may be pure, to take its
seat in the land prepared for the blessed.
Your affectionate mother Bridget Sloan

P.S. Do not say any thing more of a certain person. I do believe he respects you much than any of his mail relations- he never speaks
of you but in a respectful manner. I know you doubt it. I do wish you would never speak any allusions to him, unless you change your mind. B.S.

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