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Robert will never leave me I think, he can do as well in
Kentucky as any place at his business. Where are you
going to spend the summer? I hear you are making money
fast, I hope you will not let it drop through your fingers.

The Humphreyes are living on the farm again.
Betsy is teaching in Mr Words school. What changes is in
this life, are there not? Mr Christy got a letter from Fanny
last week. She expresses a great wish for her father to
move to this place. She begs Mr C. to do all he can to
induce her father to sell out, and move here. I spoke
of her to you in my last, so I will say no more at this
time until I hear whether you got that letter.

Magoretta and her {Bug?} is well, she is a dear babe to
me. You can not think how interesting she is. Oh, she
is beautiful, and has so much [since?] of her age. I wish
you could see her. I know you would love her. Magoretta
sayes she will write to you the first spare time she
has. She is very much engaged at this time, as all
house keepers is at this season of the year.

Mary Jane has two beaus; but I will not tell
you their names yet a little. She speaks of writing to
you; but you know she thinks some time before she
acts.-----I do not like the sentiment that your letters
breath, when you get on the subject of women. I spoke
of this also, in my last. I will say no more untill I
hear from you. I am pleased to hear that you go to
church occasionally it is a good practice and much
good will arise from it. I expect you was as surprised
to hear of Austen West's death. He died like all the rest
of his family. He left all he had to the widdow. West's son
except three hundred dollars and his watch that he left to Susan
Coock. His cloths he left to a black man.

We have many
other Deaths, and marriages lately, that I expect you have heard of.

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