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my sons. And I still hope and trust in the
--------that he will make you both good christians before long. I then could die in
peace. but the Lords will be done as to the time he knows best. If I am not to see
this happy change I bow in submission to his decree. When you get to Rome let your
heart be open to conviction, make no fals constructions, let charity for those that appear
imperfect fill your heart then give yourself up to the guideance of He who can give
your light. Go in the firs Church you meete then bend your knee and raise your inmost
soul to Heaven breathe a fervent prear in thanks for your preservations in so many
dangers and say since by thy holy sacrament of baptism, I have access to all the treasures of
-----in thy church, so I beseach thee to guide me in the path which leads to
----Happiness. "Seak and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you."
I am glad you have promised to bring Miss Magaret a preasent, it will ------
----her, she is a good girl and has been very kind to me in sickness and at all times
Father McMahon will return to his flock in August we want him much. The
----of charity are building a splendid house three storeys with a basement
---the old house will be taken down. The presbyterians and Episcopalians are
------finishing very fine Churches on the same ground that strea has been much im-
posed this year Wooley has built a fine residence on his corner Mr March has built
business houses from his large dwelling down to short street. We have had many
improvements, but so much since the war. However some of our national
improvements in this west are making rapid strides the telegraphical
waves for instance are now in opperation to almost all the important points
over the south and west. We have a line of omnibusses to Frankfort in op-
position to the car. We can go to Frankfort for twenty five cents either way
We have had great floods all over contry on the Ohio Kentucky and the lower
part Missippi rivers an all their branches, thir has been great destruction of
property, our town branch was so high that Fine Hotells seller silled before
----barel could be goten out, there was fifteen hundred dollars lost in one half
hour. Robert Elizabeth David and all the children send their love to you they have
told me many things to say to you but my sheet is filled and have not room
Miss Magaret says you must bring me a set of teath as I have non, but she jokes
you know--as I could not be filed. Doct W. insisted on me having them taken
out he sayed it would inprove my health, but I cannot talk or chew good since
---ten, fifteen years older since. but no matter. Mary will write to you
----school. I fear you cannot read my blunders the children bother me with
----and nois they will be in my room at all times. Raney is now laying
the rug before my fier. His mattas in one corner of my room. Theodora ex-
----it ther gazett particularly since I told her it had a coral necless. I shall look for
the continuation of your journal with anxiety I have not heard from Mrs Reynolds
since August she is in debt to me. She appears greatly distressed at the absence of her
husband and sons. I must now close. Mary has writen yet the sister would not let her
---it was not composion day, but she will in a day or so. For the sake of all those that love you
----take good care of yourself. May almighty God bless my son is the prayer of your mother B. Sloan

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