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1931. Came to town this morning and went to school. Ernest, Mrs Mann & myself went to church tonight.

1932. We washed this morning and I quilted & embroidered this afternoon.

1933. I finished ironing today & cut off corn to an this afternoon.

1934. I cleaned up the house & gotdinner this morning. Mary, Modest, Ruby, Evelyn and I went to Anton to the Ball game this afternoon. Rex & I went over to Earl's tonight. Earl was making his molasses. There were several people over there besides us. We made some molasses candy & had a real good time. I wrote a letter to Mother today.

1935. Somebody stole one of Dock's hogs. I got dinner & cleaned up the house. Nancy Stum came a little while this afternoon. Sis & Mr. Slaton went to quarterly meeting today.

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1931. Went to school toady studied my lessons tonight. I made 82 on my Physics test today.

1932. I ironed this morning and embroidered some this afternoon. Mrs. Conley came a little while this morning.

1933. I got dinner, made a cake & cleaned up the house today. Rex, Mr. Slaton & Dock went down on the river tonight. Joseph spent the night with us.

1934.Sis got breakfast & dinner today & I washed the dishes & helped clean up the house. Sis, Rex & Dock went to town this afternoon but I didn't want to go. I started making me a blouse this afternoon but I didn't get it finished.

1935. SIs & Mary spent last night at Nele Cox's & will stay all day. Rex, Dock & I went to Rumsey & Rex went across the River to Calhoon to a fortune teller to see if she could tell anything about the stolen hog. Mr. Slaton, Rex & I went to Leona's this afternoon.

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