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February 21

1931. Stayed at home & studied my lesson's today. Didn't get a letter as I thought I might.

1932. Studied some this morning & read some in a book this afternoon. Mr. Conley & Mrs. Conley and Ramondy came a while tonight.

1933. Sis & I worked on my flower garden quilt some this afternoon and Sis finished making a dress. Elizabeth isn't getting along as well as we had expected.

1934. I cleaned up the house and got dinner this morning. I helped Rex sprinkle some tobacco this afternoon. Sis came home this afternoon. Earl, Basil, June & Buck James came tonight. I wrote a letter to Mother tonight.

1935. I got dinner & cleaned up the house. I got a letter from Mother today. Loyd spent the day with us. Buck James ate dinner with us also. Dr. Ross came to see Dock again today. Dock isn't any better. He is breaking out with the measles.

February 22

1931. Stayed at home & studied my lesson's in the morning. Cosby came in the after-noon.

1932. Came to town this morning & went to school. Mrs. [Corner], Mrs. Mann, Ernest & I went to the show tonight to see our "children" are there

1933. Sis and I washed this morning and we worked on my quilt some this afternoon.

1934. It has snowed a little this morning. Rex and I washed today and I dried the clothes in the house. I got dinner and supper today also. Sis isn't coming home tonight.

1935. I have been nearly sick with a cold today. Dock isn't any better. Jess, Lawrence & Ethel came a little while this afternoon. Rex & I went to the play at Anton High School tonight. It was the play that the Missionary Society was giving. The name of it was [???]

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