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[19]31 Went to school today,
Made 90 on a Bible test.
Miss Nannie called me
this afternoon.
[19]32 Went to school today, and
came home this afternoon. I
studied my shorthand lesson
a little tonight.
[19]33 Rex & I spent the day with Mother
& Dad came home late this afternoon.
Basil Slaton came tonight & Sis went home with
him. Elizabeth is sick. She has the appendicitis.
[19]34 I cleaned up the house
got dinner and read some
[19]35 I cleaned up the house, got
dinner & ironed today and patched
some. Rex went to town today.
Albert came a little while this afternoon.
Jess and Lawrence came a
little while late this afternoon also.
Dock isn't any better.

[19]31 Went to school today &
came home this afternoon.
Christia Lee was 17 years old
[19]32 Studied some today. Mother,
Mrs. Conley, & Raymond went to see
Mrs. Kirkwood this afternoon, she
is no better.
[19]33 Elizabeth was operated on this
afternoon at 3 o'clock for the
appendicitis. I worked on my
flower garden quilt some today &
cooked Breakfast this morning.
[19]34 I cleaned up the house & got dinner this morning.
I went to Jim's this afternoon.
Mrs. Denton was 95 years old Saturday.
Sis and Nora Lee are going to spend
tonight with Lanna. I got Supper tonight.
I played several games of
Solitary tonight also.
[19]35 I got dinner, cleaned up the house & churned
today. Dr. Ross came to see Dock agsin
today. Dock isn't any better. Jim
& Jasper came a little while this morning.

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