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February 15

1931. Finished getting our lesson's
this morning. Also, Dad & myself
went to see Lorene in the
afternoon, she is some better.

1932. Came to town this morning
& went to school. Alline Slaton &
I typed a while after school.
listened to the radio tonight.

1933. Sis and I worked on her quilt
some this morning. We went over to
Jim's this afternoon. Jim's mother-in-
law will be 94 years old Friday, her
name is Mrs. Denton and she lives
with Jim and his family.

1934. I cleaned up the house, got dinner
and patched some. I wrote a card today also
to mother today. I have read some

1935 I got dinner, churned, & cleaned
up the house this morning. Leona,
Elizabeth & I went with me & Mrs. Merrill
& Mrs. Kirkwood to Aunt Patie's this
afternoon. There were several
people at Aunt Patie's most of them
members of the missionary society & finished
piecing "The Flower Garden quilt," for miss.

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February 16

1931. Came to town this
morning & went to school.
worked on my English note book
& made a posture tonight.

1932. Went to school today,
studied some tonight. It has
rained today. We have a new boarder
who came today, his name is Mr. Bowne.

1933. I have been nearly sick today.
I got a letter from Alline Slaton and
wrote a letter to Chistia Lee Schmetzer
today. Albert Slaton came tonight.
Albert, Dock, Sis & I played Rook tonight.

1934. Rex, Dock, John Maison & I went to town
today. I went to see Jess a little while this
morning. I to Mrs. Mann's this morning
also and spent the day with her. Uncle
Brock came after me & I went home with
him and went to mother's. I am going
to spend a few days with
mother and Dad.

1935. Rex & I went to town this
afternoon. We went to Jessie's and will
spend the night. We listened to the
radio tonight & had a real good
time. rex went down in town
with Len & Lawrence

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