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January 28

1931. Wen't to school today
studied for an English test
tonight. & listened to the Radio
Ernest is still sick.
1932. Wen't to school today.
Christia Lee & myself wen't to
town this afternoon. Mrs. Mann,
Ernest & myself wen't to the play at the high School tonight.
1933. Rex & I got married this afternoon.
Rev Clevenger of Earlington married us.
So now I am Mrs. Rex Slaton. We will
live at Mr. Slaton's. We are at Mr. Slaton's tonight.
1934. Rex & I have been married a
year today. I got breakfast, dinner & Rex
cleaned up the house for me. Basil & Earl ate
dinner with us. John Marion, Joseph, Ruby,
Jasper, Mary, Stella and Modest came this
afternoon and Sis came home.
1935. Kate washed for us today. I got
dinner, cleaned up the house and
patched some. I ironed several pieces
this afternoon. Basil came this afternoon
& is going to spend the night. John
Marion came a little while tonight.
Mr. Frank Hill came a little while this afternoon.

January 29

1931. We'nt to school today
a usual. Wrote 18 pages
for my English note book
1932. Wen't to school today it has
rained so hard that I didn't get
to go home this afternoon. It snowed
a little late this afternoon.
1933. Ruby & Jasper, Laurence, Jess
and Jim, Fletcher and Stella came
this afternoon. Opal James came a
while tonight.
1934. I cleaned up the house, got
dinner and got supper tonight also.
Rex isn't as well today. Dr. Ross
came to see him this morning.
1935. I finished ironing, churned,
got dinner & supper today I got
up real early this morning & got
breakfast also as Rex was going
to town real early with a
load of tobocco.

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