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Jan. 1

1931. Miss Nannie & myself went to Larene's Rook Party Dec. 31st. Spent the night with her. Larene spent new year day with me.

1932. studied some today for my Physics final. Doitha Kirkwood came a little while this afternoon. Mr. Hartman came a little while tonight.

1933. Stayed at home all day. Doitha Kirkwood and Joe Maxwell came this afternoon. Rex didn't come today, it was too muddy for a car.

1934. Nora Lee and Evelyn went home this morning. Sis, Dock and I washed today. Sis ironed some this afternoon. Jim came a while this afternoon.

1935. I got breakfast, dinner & helped clean up the house. Sis went to town a little while this morning & Nora Lee went with her. Kate washed today. Nora Lee, Jim, & Basil came a little while today. Amelia came this afternoon & helped Sis & I [tack] a comfort. We put the comfort in & got it done today. Joe came tonight. Joe, Rex, Dock & I played Rook.

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I believe it says “tack a comfort.” To tack a comforter means that you sew together the top, batting, and bottom of the comforter. It seems to make sense for the entry.