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February 27, 1922 - Monday
School down stairs in the a.m., at S's in the p.m.
when we had conversation. I wore the braided
white voil, black sash, slippers & beads to tea with
Mrs. Pattle. Saw the McCreaths, Boyds, & Mr. Kingsley
whom I knew, and others whose faces were famil-
iar; my hostess was very nice about pointing out
people to me; we remained till nearly seven
watching the dancing for a little while. Saw sev-
eral pretty girls and gowns. The tufted furniture
was all in old striped blue, done over for the
prince's visit last month; saw baskets of the
prettiest phlox I've seen any where. Went to Dr.
Osborn at noon about my tooth but he could
find nothing amiss - to my great relief; he
& another man passed in an auto as we were
on our way to the Gymkhana. Dr. K., Miss D. & I
sat at the table in animated conversation till
nine p.m. I then undress upon getting up-
stairs, read "Asoka" awhile & then soon to bed.
Mrs. P. loaned me a thin red bird book which
I am looking forward to reading with pleasure.
The Rogers, Mrs. Mosier & Miss Peck got off to the Marta-
ban "at noon; I would have liked to have gone with
them, but had too many other things to do. Our
beds unmade until noon again, when I had to
call J. to attend to things. One would think after
all that has been said on the subject that
we'd have a little better service - but we don't!
An Indian funeral passed this aft. with a band playing
a recognizable tune - it was "K-k-katie".

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February 28, 1922 - Tuesday
Miss Peterson is back; and Mrs. Conduit and
small sons, and Mr. Dudley from [Myiktila?] were
here for breakfast this morning - the former on
their way to Maymyo for hot season, rather a
good looking family. Mrs. Pattle was asking a-
bout them yes. Had a note from Miss Chapman in
the aft; they had just returned from [Meiktila?];
Mr. D. also mentioned their having been there.
Mrs. Robbins said she had not slept well last
night and has a busy week ahead of her, so post-
poned her visit to the Deaf School till next Tues. I
can only go with her Tues. or Fri. afts. & Mrs. W.
is entertaining for her next Fri. p.m. at tea.
Miss D. went to town rather early this aft. and did
not return till dinner time. I laid down for a
couple of hours; but read the Literary Digest, as I
couldn't sleep; then arose, bathed, dressed and
was just through these preliminaries when
Miss Teel came with a letter from Mrs. Tilbe about
the house at Kalaw; she remained about half an
hour. Then I went to Dr. Murray for a treatment; he
was apologizing for sending me a bill, but as he has
to send to Calcutta for the "snow" of course it makes
it expensive. I got back before Miss D. & then found
she had been to the church tea, which comes every
other Tues. aft., the alternate one with the mission
prayer meeting. Of course I went to bed early after
this, as it always takes a good deal of the life out of
me, as this is quite brutal, as one M.D. expressed it

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