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he, but Mr. White, the young engineer who stutters
came too; the
February 25, 1922 - Saturday
others had early dinner, so were through, but we 2
waited for the men, who were late; Dr. Woods left
soon afterwards to call on Miss Tufts; I had called
out the others, however, who are sailing with
this crew on Monday to meet them, so they helped
out a lot. They didn't leave till after ten. Took down
some of our joggery; also asked Joseph for eggs to
help out. Miss Tufts, after losing 22, has gained 4 lbs.
Had to go to the General Post Office this a.m. to get a
parcel in a damaged condition; it proved to be
the "Nations" from Lucile; 3 packs are o.k. but a
card is missing from the remaining deck. Also
went to de S's again and left more films. Mr. Hatters-
ly lectured to us at 7:30 this a.m. on the "attitude
of the missionary towards government", an interest-
ing talk. I took Miss Geis the 2 prints she had or-
dered, the [phoougijus?] & iron bazaar. Wrote letters
and cards all aft. getting more cleared away
than at anytime since I've been here. Had intend-
ed taking some pictures, but stuck to my pen
till too late to do so. The lights did not come on, so
we had to bathe & dress as best we could by the
light of one candle. When about three they final-
ly came on. We went to Miner's for dinner,
where we found Mr. & Mrs. Duff, & Mr. James, an
Englishman, in addition to Miss Hastings, who
afterwards sang for us, & the family - the two
older children remaining up to eat with us.
Another fine spread including salad, & pump-
kin pie a la mode. After a walk around the
tennis court for awhile we again went in-

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side & did not disperse till a late hour -
eleven or after;
February 26, 1922 - Sunday
hope we didn't wake up the others when we
came in. I paid J. before we left, tho' I had to bor-
row money from Miss D. in order to be able to do so.
We didn't get up very early this a.m. as things go
out here. Very foggy and damp at first. Miss D.
taught S.S. class for Mrs. [Whituah?] again & then
went to [Lanmadaw?] to Burmese church. I remain-
ed here & wrote to Mr. Hutchison. In the afternoon,
was so tired after the dissipations of last week that I
laid down & once off, I slept all afternoon, Miss
D. having to wake me about 5 p.m. Miss Camp-
bell came & I loaned her "Main Street"; Miss D.
went to ch. with Dr. Kelly but I was in the
midst of my bath, of course didn't go. Took
Miss C. to call at Miss Teel's. where we saw her
& Miss Tufts, the other two being out; then walk-
ed half way home with her. Coming back I met
the pretty red-haired woman who was at the
same table with me at Mr. Furnival's dinner;
we chatted awhile, she introduced me to her
husband and invited me to tea at the Gyne-
khana Club tomorrow aft. Went to see Miss
Tufts again; Misses Bonney and Phillips had
returned; a Burmese woman was also there,
so I didn't get to ask about the doctor. After late
dinner - after ch. service, only had a brief
time to write a card & letter & then retire - al-
most eleven then. Dr. K's "boy" is ill, so he is
eating with us these days. They say the Rogers'
little girl, Mary, had the plague, but she looks
tubercula to me; she is nicely behaved & has
lovely curly brown hair which is bobbed.

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