(College Student Letter) To Julian Bond from Mary Ann Fries, 19 Sept 1968, with Bond's draft response





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Wydown and Big Bend Boulevards St. Louis, Missouri 63105

September 19, 1968

Mr. Julian Bond 162 Euharlee St. S.W. Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mr. Bond:

As President of The Young Democrats Club on my campus, I am aware of a general mood of student disillusion with politics both at my own school and the neighboring schools of Washington University and Saint Louis University. Before this disillusion destroys student activism I would like to do something positive to keep the political interest which was stimulated by Senator McCarthy functioning throughout the next four years.

Over the years I have become increasingly concerned about the social and political problims facing the nation and particularly those in my home of Atlanta. Last summer I worked in the Perry Homes Housing Project. Like many college students I was motivated by Senator McCarthy's "politics of participation".

Students are motivated by your leadership in counteracting the "sick" political scene of Lester Maddox over the past years and most recently at the Democratic Convention last month.

I realize that you must have an extremely busy schedule, but it would be a tremendous boost for the students of St. Louis if you could speak to them sometime in the near future. If you are available, the school could make the arrangements at your convenience.

Would it be possible for you to stop in St. Louis either before or after the Dissident Democrats meet in October? If this is not convenient we would welcome you at any time within the next nine months of school.

Sincerely, [signed] Mary Ann Fries Mary Ann Fries President of the Young Democrats

[Bond's draft response]: Will Can't do it now; perhaps in 69'

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