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of God be done Mary must help.
I must say that I found ought that
I must go on some rough roads
before I will go to heaven. Pray for me
write me all about Marytown. I must
close give love to the sisters, Pates,
and all the singers you know in
particular. Gertrude Arens is happy
and contented but she says that learing
was so hard she goes in the german
school in the moring and in the after
noon in the english every other evening.
I keep singing school she sings Also
she is very happy she says Margaret should
come to she would like it she will write
herself soon she said she would rather
wait till new Years and learn something
before I told her twice she may write
Smiths girl is very industrious in everything
they are all very happy except Anna Weber
is homesick sometimes you better tell her
mother about it if she works then its
all right but at learning. Sisters here
send there love to you all from M Agnes

(written upside down at the bottom: Dec 9-1869 Trans.Rule)

(written in right side margin at bottom: Dec 9, 1869)

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line 9 change learing to learning


line 13 change also to alto


End of line 6 looks like "Pater" to me