me to remind you, dear Reader, that there is no royal road to
thought. If one person, A, has an idea, and it is deemed desirable
that another person, B, should have it too, there is absolutely no other
way than for B to go through substantially the same process of thought
that A has gone through; and if it happens that the particular mode
of thought is one in which B is more or less unpracticed, there
necessarily will be a certain awkwardness in his attempts to
follow A's thought. A can arrange the different stimuli to the to thoughts
so as to make the path somewhat easy, if B will only keep to that path.
But he will stumble more or less because he has not been trained to
going over that kind of ground. At first , the difficulties may be
great; but at last he will get the knack of it, and it will become
comparatively easy, although there will be a certain amount

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