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the British Labour men, arrives at
the same conclusion. Had it not
been for that alliance of our Irish
popular cause with the Tory
Educational party in England I think
there is no doubt that, today,
we should have seen a Home Rule
majority of enormous magnitude
returned by the British working men.

We ought not to compromise
our national party, which stands
for Ireland alone, by alliance
with any British party or purely
British interest. We ought, too,
never to identify ourselves with
any reactionary cause; and for
this reason I much regretted that
article in the "Freeman" supporting

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the outrageous policy of King Leopold
on the Congo. I know it is only a
small question, making no appeal
to Irish people who are quite ignorant
of the rights and wrongs of the case,
and who have their own great
wrongs to get right - but it
is a thousand pities to see the
national organ of a people who
have themselves suffered so cruelly
at the hands of Exploiters and
plundered taking up the
cudgels on behalf of an organised
scheme of plunder of
Defenceless African natives.

King Leopold has moved very
hard to get his cause taken up
by Catholic prelates, on the
ground that the indictment

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