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seeking the right intermediary
to lay the matter before the
"Freeman" directorate. I could
not do so myself for I know
no one connected with the Journal
save myself and Mr Bradin.

Moreover, as an ex-official
of the Crown my interest might
be doubted by those who do
not know me personally or
how strong my Nationalist feeling
has always been.

I thought of putting the scheme
forward thro' Stephen Gwynn
for whose ability I have great
regard: but I am told that

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there might be a better advocate
found. Then I mentioned the
[plan?] yesterday, to Francis
J. Bigger
of Belfast (who
was once acquainted with Mr
Sexton) and he is entirely of
my opinion as to its value.

Mr Bigger - fresh from
the triumph of West Belfast! -
will be lecturing at Maynorth
towards the end of February, and
he will then seek an opportunity
of laying the plan of this Press
Agency before Mr Sexton.

Meantime I am drafting
my conception of the scheme

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