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of their strong holds would make a rush for
the mountains & in that case might visit
us for food and shelter.)

29th Saturday.

Chaplain and all who came
took a most gloomy view of all this
dreadful business. Dublin threatened with
famine - the better classes as much as the poor
were almost starving. The looting in City
was very bad. In the evening, telephone
rang up & gave news that G.P.O. had
surrendered, & we thought all was over - the
firing however continued all night.

30th Sunday

We heart that the College of Surgeons
& Jacob's Factory would not surrender.
It was announced after Mass that if
they did not surrender that every inhabitant
of Stephen's Green & neighbourhood would
have to leave. They were then given a short
notice & alas told in what order they were
to depart - women & children first-
Permit for nuns from George's St & Green
had been obtained from Dublin Castle

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