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would know what was meant.
One common fault among students is
in failing to practice an exercise
long enough to make it interesting
to them. No matter how tedious
an exercise seems at first
as you become skilled in its execution
the drudgery wears off.

Humor Homer H

[newpaper printed illustration of a man]
A. J. SCARBOROUGH, Brooklyn, N. Y.


We are glad to present to our readers this
month, a very good portrait of Mr. Scarborough,
who is conducting the present course of lessons
in muscular movement writing through the columns

Regarding Mr. Scarborough's age, we are unable
to give any reliable information. We may add,
however, that he is no recent spring chicken, having
been in the chirographic harness to our
knowledge more than ten years. He is a native of
the South and at one time taught in Goodman's
Business College, Nashville, Tenn., later for G. A. Gaskell,
in the Jersey City, N. J., Business College.
He came west and taught in the Cedar Rapids
Business Collge [sic: College]. It was in Cedar Rapids,
that he wooed, won and married.

From Cedar Rapids, Mr. Scaroborought went to
Chicago, and took editorial charge of Gaskell's
Magazine, a periodical devoted mainly to penmanship.
A year later he decided to resume teaching,
and he accepted his present position with
Wright's Business College, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Mr. Scarborough is a genial whole-souled, wide-awake
teacher, a fellow it is a pleasure to shake hands

That he has some practical ideas on penmanship
is being clearly demonstrated through the
columns of the PENMAN.

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