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Most of my family lived and grew up in
Highland. The great thing about growing
up there, some had it better than others,
but everyone was treated as equals.

My Uncle Rowland Buchanan, was telling
me about someone stealing his coal
one cold night. He jumped out of bed
hit that ice cold floor, but decided
not to confront the culprit but rather
Hollar at them "Hay you thats stealing
my coal, leave me enough to start
me a fire in the morning."

My Uncle Herman gave us a turkey chick
to raise. We called her tweedle. She
was a trouble maker. I remember one
Fall she stay black and sooty loking.
Our neighbor was complaining about the
chiminy being stopped up and smoke
getting into the house. Going outside and
investigating, there was tweedle perched
on their chiminy getting warm.

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