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Highland Village was the most unique
village in High Point. There was a
community store located across from the mill.
All the workers would come in and buy
their drinks, goodies and BC Powders.
This store had a barber shop, bath, Post Office
and butcher shop. Charlie Sizemore and
his son Billy owned and operated the store.
Dave Jenkins was the butcher.

There was another store on top of the
hill on Jordan St. It was owned by
the Aldred Brothers, Leon and his brother
whose name eludes me. I think they
closed the store in the late 50s. I didn't
know what happend to them. While in
Daytona Bch in 1964, I was in a
resturont, they were there, recogonized
me and we talked for awhile. At this
time they were livin in Daytona.

There yet was another store behind
the Aldreds. It was Brogan Grocery
owened by John Brogan. I would buy
caps for my cap pistol there.

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