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those feelings in our big stores

We also had our churches. The
Baptist, the Methodist, and across
the way a little bit, my church,
the Holiness church.

I love the memories of the whistle
blowing and the workers walking home,
thier hair filled with cotton and staying
up on summer nights until mama came
home from the mill at 11:00

We played all over the "Hill" and
were safe. Everyone knew everyone,
and we were family.

As an end note, Everyone loved
Charlie Brown, the meat cutter that
worked at Charlie Sizemore's store across
from the mill.

I never had met any of his family
as I was growing up, but after I
married and had children of my
own, my oldest son is married to
his grand daughter!

I am so thankful for my years
in Highland!

Maud Smith (Pixie Cox)

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