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I loved growing up in Highland.
We moved there from Thomasville
when I was about six years old.

My first memories there, are of
the dirt road we lived on, being
paved. One twenty four Fowler Street
is where we lived.

A little girl running across there
playing was to become one of my
many friends. Ronda Cross and the
family lived only one house below
ours, so we soon came to know
each other.

On down from us, on the same
street was another close friend, Lisa
Comer. I suppose these two were
the ones I spent most of my time
with while in Elementary school.

I guess it was a time of fixing
up. The dirt road was paved,
houses were underpinned, some had
asbestos siding put over the wood
frames, and the biggest to me
was plumbing put in for inside

Lots of people in the past had

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