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High Point N. C. August, 3rd. 1906.

We, J. E. Monsees and [wife] promise to pay to
First Series Mechanics Perpetual Building and Loan Association, of High Point
N. C., the sum of ($700.00)
Seven Hundred and 00/100 Dollars,
for money loaned, with interest at the rate of six per cent. per annum, payable monthly, which amount is
secured by a mortage of even date herewith, and upon default in the performance of any of the con-
ditions expressed in said mortgage, or in the constitution and by laws of the Association, this bond is to
become due immediately, and the Association may, at once exercise the powers conferred in said mortgage.

Witness our hands and seals this the 3rd day of August, 1906
J. E. Monsees (SEAL)
C. E. Monsees (SEAL)

Satisfied in full
this Aug 11th 1913
T. W. Albertson

Mechanics Perpetual Building & Loan Association
W. F. Armfield
Sect'y & Treas

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