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Now Lizze and Susy the weather has become cold
aplenty to kill Hogs and we urge upon you to
kill the hogs at once. get Zaphan and Bob Gamble
to Kill them and cut them up. Keep the hog that was
sick and the old sows' sow pig Keep her until the
old Sow has pigs and if she does no better than
before, we will kill the old sow & turn the young
one out; and when you get the hogs killed ship
us a 1 Box with 40 lbs flour 20 lbs corn meal
one of the best shoulders of pork of mine, or one of
yours if killed before it will keep better.
All the cambric Rags you can St[out?] fine & coarse &
all the Rags made of Sea Island shirting; there
is nothing now applied to the sore but Rags wet
with a healing water & they have to often wet and
changed and thrown into the fire and if you have
made any raise of my old pumps send them.
The Reason I insist on your shipping the Box and
40 lb flour at least is this the day after Uncle John
left, we receved 2 Boarders from So. Ca sent here by
Wm. that I have known many years; one with a bad
looking cancer on his left cheek about the size of the
Palm of your hand Running from the edge of the cheek
and covering all his cheek almost Reaching the corner of his
mouth, & his brother to wait on him: Their names are Freeman
nice refined genteel men members of the Meth. P. Church
There is no comparison between them & Unc John though
a kind hearted man; he was hard of hearing no Refinement
indecent in his habits; his cancer so extremely bad it
was quite offensive; I am quite thankful for the change
though his cancer is very bad looking and he thinks
the cheek bone is affected; he believes he can cure it
with but little trouble; Could you sell any Soap [?]
If you had the Recps? Affectionately Pap & Mother
Write at the earliest opportunity.

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