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Mother finished Making her pot of Soap a few
days ago. A Beautiful White Soap and solid
but not hard. she has used it some; though it
may not lather as much as the compound it is fully
as effectual in Cleansing the clothes and lathers well.
We have sold some & give some away will make
more thorough trial this week; [here?] I insert perhaps
a more plane direction for useing it.

The night before washing put the clothes to soak
in cold water; Into which put a little of the
compound; In the morning put the pot on the fire
about two thirds full of water. In this put about
2 lts of the compound for every 10 Gallons Water.
After the compd is dissolved wring out the clothes
that have been soaking & put them in the pot.
let them stand stand in hot water about one hour,
stiring them every few Minuits and if they
boil 10 Minuits it will not hurt & they are
ready to Rinse: Rub the dirty parts before they
get quite cold; & then Rinse in an other
water & they are ready to starch or hang out.

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