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Charlotte NC Decr. 11 / 70

Dear Lizzie [Suziy?] & all the Beloved children
Sunday One O Clock we Received your Esteemed letter
this morning; Truly rejoiced to hear of all your good
health and happiness and your course and persuits generally.
Dr. Greene was round this morning and said Mr. Piggott
was doing the best of any patient he ever had; and
further said we should soon get shet of Mr
Piggott, meaning I would be well enough to go home. He has got the greater part of the affected bone
off; there is some scales yet to come off. There was a
new patient came in last week with a cancer about the
top of the head about the size of a 1/2 dollar. he went out
and saw one of the Charlotte Drs., he told him his
cancer was incurable Because the Bone was affected.
Dr Greene said if he gave up all that the bone was
affected he had just as well quit and give it up to
the old Drs, and let them cut them out of the flesh
for the greater number of severe cancers had effected
the bone. Mother & Mr Freeman took a pattern of
my sore this morning & she had taken one about
the time she first came; It shows that the sore has
healed up one fourth and as it heals it draws up
and by healing and drawing up it had become 1/3
less than it was at its largest size;

We Rec'd a letter from Wm. the 9th written from
Society Hill he had been having the chills again, but
had got them broke again he said they had sold
some Flour and apples; but had not sold Lyndons
horse; he collected $15.00 of the Haines Debt and had
received $1.05 from Quick who owed Me $5.00 for apple
Trees; He expected to be in florence in two days
and to start My wagon home tomorrow; Monday
we had a Considerable rain last Night and it is
rainy & Cloudy to day Very disagreeable outdoors.

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