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the boys waunts to no the hight of
Mr George Montgomery his weight in helth
& the length of his foot. we had 3 frosts
the past weeke though did not hurt vigga
-tation the wheat & all grayn looks well
hear you can cast your eye in every direction
& see the geen earth & blue sky appearintly
meete together & in the faul can lye the grass
to gether over the tallest Horses back you
can find, but all this has no attraction to
me at present. Ma was buried at Homer
Creek grave yard 2 miles from me, excuse
me my mind is in no fit for riting.
God bless you all be sure to be prepared
for to meete those loved ones in heaven
if we meat no more on earth.

fineley pray for me, let us try to meete
in [illegible]
in this [??] your brother untill death
rite soon & often

Wm McKaughan
the family conection are all well

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