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Diploma from Lewis Hotel Exec. Training school etc.
Result Mrs. King loaned me 50¢ to get
back to Boston. I returned to the hotel
and after having dinner, buying a couple
of newspapers etc. I went up to my room,
found my bill under my door and
confident that when I saw Mr. Generess
in the morning he would believe me
i got undressed and was comfortably
in bed with my newspapers. The phone
rang and it was Mr. Downes who
insisted that I come down and pay
my bill. I was astounded and replied
why I have already shown all my
credentials - charge plates, 4 years
service at R.F.W. so I meekly went down
and was asked if there wasn't any
friend that i could borrow from. I said
I don't know and as it now 9 o'clock I
would hate to disturb saying I just
was so confused that I couldn't think
that there was a very good a.a.[?] member
friend of mine- who was so grateful
that I send her a Christmas card that
she wrote me a special def.[?] back there

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