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March 4, 1969

Dr. Miriam (Van) Waters
14 Clark Street
Framingham, Massachusetts

My Dear. Friend Miriam:

Recieved your most welcome letter this
evening and was as always happy to here from you. but
most of all iam happy to know that you are fine and in
good health. as always,

Please don't get me wrong but were you
ever able to find your book? the one you said you were
going to send me?,

Yes i mention in my last letter that i
received a letter from Mr. Flaschner last Friday and he
assured me that he would be up to see me on the 13th. of
this Month which is next thursday. you know i will be
very happy to meet him. yes i will explain the whole
story to him and i feel that he will be able to help
me with my situation,

This is my reason for thanking you
(My friend) because without you this wouldn't have came
about please try to understand that all the help that
you give me will never be forgotten. never this you can
believe when i say this. from the bottom of my heart i
really mean it,

Iam not to warried about you coming
up to visit me because i realize your circumstances.
just you wait until the weather is better. please don't
take any un-neccessary chances. itold Taylor what you
said. and i guess that he will act as soon as possible,

Love. Your Friend With love and (esteem) For ever

Tavis Davis
P.O. Box 43
Norfolk, Massachusetts 02056

[right margin]
Mr. Franklin
attorney - has
volunteered to
help Mr. Davis
Mrs. [Flasher?] was
assistent to Claude
Crass in
his Van
Waters - case


member of the
Ethnic Committee

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