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Dennis Allen
October 9, 1965

Dear Dr. Van Waters,
Please excuse my neglect in not answering your letters sooner. The only
excuse I can offer is that I was busy studying for a test I have coming up and
bringing things in the SDG program up to date. I enjoyed your visit very much
and we always look forward to seeing you.

I look forward to being able to take a more active role in the program
as soon as I am released, but that is in the future; for the present I am happy
to be able to study and come closer to realizing a goal I had given up - that of
getting ready to go to a school of higher learning.

We are very proud of our program and very grateful we have such good friends.
When the students have seen the interest there is in their becoming better persons,
it is easier to strive for. A very large part of our sucess is the fact our friends
are sincerly and deeply interested. For this we can never thank you enough.

It looks as if we will be given our outside meetinf in about two months. This
is a big step in our goal and we are very very happy our sincerity is being recognized
by corrections. Thank you again for your wonderful letters. God bless you

Your friend and student,
Dennis Allen

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