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Dennis Allen
July 26, 1965

Dear Dr. Van Waters,

It would seem as if I have taken a great deal of time to answer
your last letter, but in truth I felt it best to wait until I had my
thoughts collected and the Commonwealth Service Corps had made a firm
stand on the SDG issue. I can say now that it is no longer a rumor, but
a reality as you probaly know by this time

They have given us a priority rating and it looks as if we will be
on our way sooner than I had expected. All of us are overjoyed at this
wonderful news and extremely proud that CSC hasshown this faith in us.
As we have told them it will be a faith that is justified by every
members struggle to be a productive and contributing member of society.
In all truth I am happy we had the foresight not to limit outselves to
any one social problem, but that we embraced them all. Thank God our
founders saw that many people need help, not only those of us in jail.
Perhaps it was Divine Guidance, like Don says.

I see many cases of indifference everyday and it is cause for wonder
that people can be so limited in their growth as to unable to deal with
their fellow man. I feel it is that they are unable to relate to each other
and see the need to stress that part of our program. It seems that one
learns to relate he is on he is way.

We all think of you and miss you. May God bless you.

Also a student,
Dennis Allen


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