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Very much indeed was the reply. But supposing there
are reasons why it would be better for her to do so & supposing
Monday Oct 25 1880
she likes him even though he isn't quite her ideal would
she be doing wrong to accept him. That depends said Mrs
Merriam. I have decided to keep a journal. I went to
I don't school this morning we were dismissed this
suppose morning at eleven o-clock because the boiler burst
anyone I went to school this afternoon and we were dis-
can find missed at ten minutes past three. I received a
their very curious letter to-day I cannot tell who it
exact is from, I will copy it here.
ideal but if there are reasons Boston, Oct. 23, 1880 I think
they Maud M. Wood might be listened to provided there
isn't anyone else that the Cor. Bird and Myrtle Sts.
girl cares as much or even at Dorchester Mass. all for &
My dear Miss Wood. provided that she & the man
whom she wishes to marry Yours of the 23 inst. came
duly to hand and contents noted. Would say in reply
that if you were not so old we would consider your
application. We are in search of some one of more
tender years. With eregrets we remain ever your
esteemed frinds have the same sympathies. What
do you mean by the same Wiggin and Wood
I do try to like Mrs Watson but I can't.
Weather cold and windy. sympathies asked May

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