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you + I don't understand things that you do but I've thought
that you were worth any ten other girls for a long time + I've always
heard that people get along better when they aren't alike so I don't
see why we shouldn't be happy. We can live here or have a house
of our own just as you like. Father + Mother + Mabel think the
world of you already. Perhaps I don't put it very well May but you
wouldn't ever have any reason to complain of me as a husband, +
if you don't like me quite as well as that yet I'd be willing to
take my chances of making you if there isn't any other fellow
in the way. May knew that 2 weeks before she shouldn't have
hesitated + she also knew that there were even stronger reasons why
she should say yes now than there had been then still she could
not answer then + begged to have it left for a week. She told
herself that her feeling for Harry was nothing that need prevent
her from marrying [Jim?] it was gratitude + admiration but it
wasn't love. She didn't suppose that she loved [Jim?] but he had
said that he was willing to take his chances of making her
if there was no other fellow in the way. Would he consider
Harry in the way if he knew she wondered. And at last in
utter despair of being able to decide herself she made up her
mind to go + tell Mrs Merriam a part at least of the story.
May knew her friend well enough to be [certain?] sure that evasion
or equivocation would be of no use so she went directly to
the point. Mrs Merriam how much do you think a
girl ought to love a man before she is willing to marry him

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