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door. It was an awkward minute but Harry said with
considerable presence of mind Yes we thought it an excellent
Monday O
retreat from a headache that has been troubling Miss Stone
but we imagined it must be time for the next dance. Perhaps
you can tell us. Oh the dance began some time ago said
Mabel who had not relished the prospect of an interruption of her
tete-a-tete. Then we must go said both May & Harry. Then
may I see you Harry asked on their way out. Thursday at any
time after four May replied & then neither spoke. How May
[bathed?] herself as she thought that night of what had happened.
She could not see why she had done as she had. Why she had
given him the flower why she had let him kiss her. If she were had been
in love [with?] him that would be an explanation for she had heard but she was not
or she thought she was not. Since the night he had saved her life she
had felt an interest in him that was perhaps more than the
interest of gratitude but & she had realized that there was an indis-
cribable something in his manner about him not exactly in his manner
that had aroused her curiosity. She liked him, they had much in
common but she would not let herself think for an instant
that it was more than that. Yet why had she knowing as she
that if another man asked her to marry him she should do it.
Why had she acted in that way? The next morning she found that
her father had resolved to make another attempt to get the
invention patented. May was wary of this for though she thought that
it could only mean another period of suspense with another

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