(seq. 33)




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broke one rose from the bouquet & with a hurried [refinement?]
touched it to her face & then held it out. She might have been simply
trying its fragrance or she might have put it to her lips, she didn't
raise What does it mean to be alone her eyes while he took the
flower & kissed And how is any one afraid it passionately but
she knew that he had done it. She knew too that he was binding
[with?] her watching her & she felt that she must do something she
tried to rise but in doing it she had to look at him. His face was
an unspoken question. In his purpose she was uncertain
which way to turn. She felt that she must go away & yet some
unexpected force made it impossible. In a word he had
taken his answer & his arms were about her. He kissed her on
her lips & then she tried to push free herself. Not yet dearest darling
he pleaded let me be happy for a minute longer she shook her
head she couldn's speak & he though he would not let her
go yet would not kiss her while she forbade him. My dear love
he whispered make me happy just one moment. She felt like a person
in a dream[?] but to exercise any power any stronger & again his
lips touched her eyes her [nose?] even her throat This [t?e?] until
she was found words to beg him to stop. Then he let her go
instantly & watched her while she hid her face in her hands.
Somebody else has discovered the retreat " It was Violet
At this moment Violet Wilson breached also
Good night! Good friends you are to me.
Wilson who said this & May snatched her hands from her
face in time to see Violet with her escort coming through the

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