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and some other word.
Conjunctions connect words or statements.
Interjections express sudden feeling.

of life or literature but even a cat may look a king you know,
Harry wondered as he thought of the conversation how it happened
that a girl who appeared to have so little unhappiness or care as
May could speak so earnestly of the tragedies sorrow & misery in the
world. May who always regretted having given anybody a chance to
even guess at the things that troubled her tried to make up for
the indiscretion by more than usual gayety. Toward the end
of the evening she was Mr Saunders came to her & with the air of having
made up his mind to do something unpleasant but necessary
which he always had when showing any special attention to girls
asked her if she wouldn't like to look at some new photographs in
the library. Tom had his sister's lack of fluent speech but if he
were once started he could be very entertaining. May knew this for
they had always been friends until the last year or two indeed Tom had
been one of her boyish admirers & she tried to find a subject in which
he was interested. But it was in vain he continued to show her the
photographs in a dutiful way but beyond outside the most commonplace
topics he would not talk. She was just going into the other room when
with what appeared to be a most tremendous effort he said wait a
minute if you don't mind I want to speak to you & then hurriedly

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