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Brookline, 1 January, 1817.

Rev. and Dear Sir,

I now make a direct applica-
tion to your daughter Adeline to instruct our
young misses, this season; and I will thank
you to propose it to her with your best advice,
and return an answer, as soon as it can be decid-

We have already ascertained, that 20 in
this town will be desirous of entering the Acad-
emy, if she will undertake its instruction. Prob-
bly more will offer themselves. Those, I have
mentioned, are exclusive of our Bostonians.
Mr. Samuel Hammond, who comes out in
April, yesterday told me, that he should wish
to send two; and Mr. Thomas W. Sumner, who
expects to spend the summer with us, has
two more. Mr. Thomas Perkins will unques-
tionably desire to send one. A woman in Rox-
bury told me, the other evening, that 4 or 5
would offer themselves from her neighborhood.
Indeed there is in my mind no doubt, that

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This specific letter to Abiel Abbot represents a greater than 16 year span of time since the immediately previous letter in the provided correspondence. It is interesting to note the change in the author's style of writing. He has ceased use of the 'long s', changed the shape of a terminal 't' of words, and has simplified his letter forms, with fewer embellishments, especially of terminal letters.