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[fol. 1r]

No. 4 Leicester, Oct. 29th. 1794.

Dear Sir,

Owing to an unavoidable avocation
your unworthy correspondent had been dilatory
in the discharge of duty. Your No. 3 I joyfully
received, when preparing for a journey to
Warwick. Necessity prohibited an acknowledgment
of my obligation. On my return your unnum-
bered favor of Oct 4th. arrived, in which you charge
me debtor to two letters. This must be a mistake,
as your No 3 makes me creditor by a third number,
unless your last favor be no. 5. Be this as it may;
nothing in my power shall be wanting to cherish a
correspondence so much to my advantage.

Respecting Dr Coffin's oration, I can assue you,
I delivered it to Mr Abbot, as I perfectly remember
calling at his room for that purpose. Doubtless, you
will receive it from him.

Mr Shaw's death was sudden, and attended by
circumstances very affecting. This reminds me of the
sudden decease of my young friend WD Wales, of the
yellow fever, at Baltimore. How alarming must be
this event to the family, whose hearts were ever
united by the most endearing ties! How painfully
distressing to those sisters, whose sensibility always
bled even at the absence of a brother! Fain would
I pour into their afflicted bosoms the balm of consolation.

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This page has been head marked as "fol. 1r" (i.e., first right page/leaf) so as to be consistent with the previous letters in this sequence of correspondence. The flip edge/fold is along the left margin of the leaf, indicating that it is a recto (i.e., right).