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[fol. 2v]

people, that salvation is ea[...]
nothing but a love of order an[...]
necessary to final acceptance; & in shor[...]
the morality of Seneca is as pleasi[...]
Deity, as the religion of Jesus. He m[...]
that Christianity is a mere revision[...]
edition of natural religion; and that the Mes-
siah was but a man of extraordinary endow-
ments, sent to renew men's obligation to duty.
Rigidus then advances, and with a solemn
aspect prefaces his discourse by declaring,
that he must "preach the whole truth, wheth-
"er they will hear, or whether they will for-
"bear." Whatever is his text, he proceeds to shew,
that the unconverted are all most bitter
enemies to God, and are constantly endeav-
oring to dethrone him; that, in every attempt
to perform their duty, they are threefold
more the children of Hell, than if they
had neglected it; and that, although they are
utterly incapable of doing any thing acceptable to
God, as he chose moral evil should exist, he
has wise ends to answer by their everlasting

[fol. 2r]

[...]racting from Hannah
[...]ns. I am rela[...] the sentiments of
[...]nisters who have preached in Leicester pul-
pit since Mr Conklin's dissmission. Should I
[...]hfully enumerate the various opinions of the Di-
vines in this vicinity from extreme liberal-
ity to superstitious rigidness, I fear I should
produce a jumble of inconsistency, illiber-
ality, and absurdity. I have lately derived
great satisfaction in perusing Dr Price's
discourse on "the glorious gospel of the bless-
ed God;" in which he ascribes this difference
of systems to an inordinate desire of gaining
converts to our mode of faith. He observes that
the zeal for proselytism is one of the greatest
"curses in the world." But I will weary your
patience no longer.

I assure you, my friend, I reflect with
great pleasure on your visit at Dorchester. Esq;
Wales informs me, he doubts not Eben. will
visit me at Leicester as well as you at Andover.
Why will you not come with him? A visit from
you both is more than I dare expect. At any rate
do, by writing soon, contribute to the happiness of your
sincere & affectionate friend, John Pierce.

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