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[fol. 1v]

{ Stamp}
John Pierce Leciester

Recd August 15. 1794
Ans.d Do. 16 Do.

Mr Abiel Abbot, A.B.

[fol. 1r]

[...]Leicester, August 14th. 1794.

Dear friend,

When I observe the difference,
and even contrariety of sentiment among the
preachers of the Christian religion, I feel
almost discouraged from ever undertaking
the sacred employment. To what can we
impute this strange opposition? We find in
the systems of other professions an agree-
ment on subjects of fundamental impor-
tance. But in the religion of Jesus, as if
its great Founder had not precisely defin-
ed the way to happiness, or had left it
to be prescribed by the most dogmatical
partisan, new and differntly modified sys-
tems continually arise and inconsistent
creeds are virulently supported. Lenis
preaches peace and goodwill. He tells the

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If I understand correctly, the use of "fol. 1r" and "fol. 1v" indicate (as used for codicology) "first right page" and "first left page" respectfully. This is my intended usage of these terms for these letters.