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Mr Joshua Saunders Boston Nov'r 6th 1765
Mr Godfrey Malbone Jun'r writes me you had
offer'd him a payment on your & Mr Stevens's note for 1400 Dollars, what ever
payment you or Mr Stevens think proper to make from time to time thereon
I have desir'd him to receive & his Indorsement for the same on the note
shall be sufficient discharge for the sums you shall pay, I am
Your most hum'l Serv't

P [per] E. Fitch

Mr Hugh Hall Wentworth Boston Nov'r 7th 1765
I duly rec'd your fav'r of 1st & 3d Instt. am glad
Sherburne is safe arrivd, the 24 half Joannes & one Dollar came safe to hand
& is pass'd to Credit of your Accott. Currtt. which you have Inclosg. Ballce. in
my favr. 15/4 3/4 Lawful money. have made what enquirey can in regard to freights &c. the last Accott.
from South Carolina, was that the Crops were very good, no certainty as to freight,
these advises are not sufficient to form a true Judgement by, 55/ Sterling am told
has been offer (by a Gentleman here) to the markets, it is a rare thing to ship
anything from hence that will neat the first Cost at South Carolina, our
Merchants seldom choose to send their Vessells there on uncertainties, about
Christmass Tar is the plentyest at North Carolina no late Accotts. from thence, it
is supposd the price will break, Tar 10/, Pitch 12/ Turpentine 12/ Curr: J, Markets
uncertain, Sugar Rum & Molasses are generally thought the best articles to send
a friend of mine is in want of a Vessell on Charter with Lumber for Ire-
land, please favr. me with the terms on wch. you will let him have your Ships
also let me know the Burthern of the Brigg: & if 150 or 1709 Tons would answer
as well as the Ship, have not yet met with a market for Capt. Appleton An-
chor, as soon as I can will dispose of it. a friend of mine at New York Some
time since Consignd Mr. George Boyd of your place two parcells of Anchors
for Sale, he desires me to inquire what progress he has made in the Sale,
whether he has made any remittance & what demand there is for Anchors in
Portsmouth, begg the favr. youl make the above inquires & advise me thereof
P first opportunity, I am in behalf of Henry Lloyd Esqr.
Your most huml. Servant
Henry Smith
P:S: youl please to make the enquires relative to yr.
Anchors so as not to give umbrage if possible.

P Stavers

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