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thoughts of keeping it a secret, nor any end to answer by it. had I time wou'd
inclose you a Copy of Isaac Hart's Letter to me which may serve to sett their
Conduct in some what different point of light then you entertain'd of it at first
note Mr Saunders has made an offer of a payment of 20r 300 dollars on
the note, any sum it suits him or Mr. Stevens to pay youl be so good as to
receive & remit me by some private hand, youl please to see the money
be weight as what I receive from Newport often falls short. I have accept'd
Mr Cobbs order for £175.18.0 Lmo in fav'r yourself & your Brother Mr
John Malbone & shall hold myself ready to pay it agreeable to my pro-
mise & the tenor of your Letter when you are oblig'd to pay it either to
Likey or Stocker as the Court may determine. I am infinitely oblig'd to
you for the trouble you have given yourself about the note & am with the
tender of mine & Mr Lloyd best Compt to you Mr Malbone your Bro'r & C
Godfrey Malbone Jun'r Esq'r
Your most hum'l Serv't

Mr John Wendell Boston Nov'r 4th 1765
I am fav'd with yours of 12th July, 20th 21st & 25th Utto. yours of 12th
July was duly answer'd, but suppose miscarried in which I let you know
Mess'rs Harts had clos'd with your proposal, your not replying occasion'd mine
of 14th Utto. The Quintall of Fish P Furnald you mention in yours of
21st, as also the £6.9/ Sterling you inclos'd in yt of 25th & 9 dollars rec'd this
day both & Mr Alexander have creditted you for in my Books, & if the
whole Sum for the discharge of Mess'rs Harts Bond is paid it will be indors'd
thereon & the Bond sent you, but otherwise will remain for your use & the
Bond will be return'd to them & the money with the Fish to you, as I
would not receive any gratuity untill they are satisfyed, altho' I acknow-
ledge myself oblig'd to you for the same. I am sensible your best endea-
vours are not wanting to fullfill your promise to them, shall agreeable
to your repeated declarations expect a speedy & full compliance therewith
& the sooner for you the better, as they may see Cause to Counterman'd their
orders relative thereto, you having neglected payment so long, I am
Yo'r most hum'l serv't
P:S: when you send the remaineder of the money please
to send my rec't therewith as the whole Sum for the dis-
charge of the Bond will be indors'd thereon

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