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Mr Brian Philpot Boston Octo'r 24th 1765
It is a long time since I have been favourd with any of
yours. I give you the trouble of this Chiefly to inform you the State of our market
price Currtt. of which you have at foot. a sorted Cargo of your Produce to be
Lodg'd for a Winter market doubt not would turn to good Accott. as there would
not be an immediate necessity of selling, more then the Charges of Commission &
Storage might be sav'd, your Pigg Iron is still on hand, much of a bad kind
having been imported from Maryland, our refiners are cautious how they purchase
it. times are so bad here I am very much put to it to Collect Cask Sufficient
to keep up to that punctuality I have hetherto had it in my power to do, must there-
fore pray the favr. of your remmitting the Ballance due me as expediously as possi-
ble, indeed the want of it has been no small disappointment to me. the opinion
I entertain'd of your Punctallity was the only inducement to my adcanc'g the
Goods you ordered. this will be handed you by my friend Mr. Poree, who I take
the liberty to recommend to your Civilities & shall Esteem any favrs. to him
as done to Your most huml. St.
P:S: Mr. Poree goes to meryland on a trad:g voyage & probably
being a stranger may want some advice which doubt not
your render:g him should make application
P Mr. Poree

Mr. Edward Laight Boston Octor. 25th 1765
Inclosed is Bill Lad:g & at foot Cost of 43 bbs Blubber
P Sloop Newburg Isaac Belknap master for New York for your Accott. amount
ing to £39.19 4 3/4 Cost 16/6 P bbl exclusive of Full Binding being a quarter of
a Dollar less then John Butlers Cost him, I have exceeded your orders 3 bbs
which is at my risque if you decline having them in which Case pray your care
of them when at hand till further orders, no Whale Oil has presented in bbs since
my last, it has been sold at 130 P Son & is still rising. I am Your huml. Servt.
43 bbs Blubber @ 16/6 £35.9.6
Full Bind J. @ 1/ 2.3
Searching 20 bbs @ 1 0.1.8
Truckage 43 bbs @ 2d 7.2 £38.1.4
Commission @ 5 P 6t 1.18.0 3/4 £39.19.0 1/4
P: Curtt.
Molasses 9/6 @ 10/ N:E: Rum 11/6 @ 12/ W: I: do. 18/ Jamaica do. 25/
Cocoa £36. Coffee 6/@ 6/6 other Articles as P my last

P Belknap

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