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Lisetta Maria Vogler Diary

Lisetta Maria Vogler (1820-1903) married Francis F. Fries (1812-1863). The collection includes a typed transcription of the diary of Vogler as an eleven-year-old girl, describing a trip from Salem, N.C., to New York, N.Y., and back, including a stay with Moravian co-religionists in Pennsylvania.

Francis Terry Leak Papers

Francis Terry Leak was a cotton planter and businessman of Tippah (now Benton) County, Miss. The collection includes manuscript volumes containing entries of various types, most of which are presumed to have been written by Francis Terry Leak. With the exception of one volume consisting chiefly...

Nicholas Bryar Massenburg Papers

The volumes include detailed daily records of family and agricultural activities, slave lists, plantation accounts, and miscellaneous notes.

Thomas Brevard Notebook

Thomas Brevard was a teacher of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. His notebook contains a diary, 1804 and 1830, accounts, poems, and other writings of Brevard; and minutes of the Union Library Society, Lebanon, Tenn., 1817-1824, and of the Philalethian Debating Society,...

David French Boyd Letter

David French Boyd (1834-1899) was an officer in the Confederate Army. The collection is a typed transcription of a letter, 7 April 1864, from David French Boyd while a prisoner of war on a Union boat moored in Alexandria, La., to his friend General William T. Sherman concerning treatment Boyd...