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Speeches, Debates, and Interviews Volume 2: 1847-1854

This volume contains all published documents which do not require transcription. They have OCR text that requires some clean up.

Jon Bilbao Correspondence - Translation

In the 1940s and 1950s, while Spain's dictator, General Francisco Franco, was intent on destroying Basque sovereignty and identity, the Basque Government continued to operate in exile, from Paris, New York, and other locations. Jon Bilbao, a young scholar and a Deputy Director of the Basque...

English Recipe Books

This is a collection of English recipe books.


hwolfe marked page - as needing review in the work English Recipe Book, 17th century


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George Anderson Mercer Diary

George Anderson Mercer (1835-1907) was a Confederate officer and lawyer of Savannah, Ga. Mercer kept his diary intermittently during his time as a student in Savannah, Ga., and New Haven, Conn., at Princeton University, and at the University of Virginia, where he studied law. Included are entries...

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Pages from Folger's V.a.295