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Cloudy am Sun pm
45 Friday, January 8, 1897 60
#9/7 $20
Up 8 am. My right
eye badly inflamed
office at 9:30 am and
[wish] a [illegible] came
over I went to their of-
fice and then to PO
[Hour?] no. 7 [illegible] and
up in my clerks office
and wrote till 1:30 pm
Then [illegible] Capt Loyds
and sat a half hour
with him. Home to
dinner and offices
via [our?] [Natl Bk?] and
told [Junius?] [Reilly?] about
death of [Armsworth?]
Then to my offices and
and wrote until 5 pm
([dry?] [cough?]) and to [depot]
at 6:30pm then P.O. and
home to supper. Arguments 7:30
9:20 Club till 11:30 and
home and to bed at 12:10pm

D. [Newsome?] [wrote?] of [death] of Wm.
[Sumter?] on 2[nd?] at [gardens?]]

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