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Heavy ice. Beautiful cold day

28 Tuesday, January, 5, 1897 40

Had bad headache
Rest up 7 am. Office
9:20 and around to
[converse?} and [elocution?]
and then to P. O. and got letters and to
clerk's office and
read them. With Major
Jarvis at P. O. Back to my office and
at work on [Gregg's?]
matters till 1:30 pm
Home dinner and
back to office 2:15
and worked hard
until 6:30 then
supper, [assignments?]
7:45 to 9:30pm and
then [leaving?] office
and began no. 8, and
wrote until 11:15 pm and
then home and to bed by
12 pm. feeling pretty

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