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Rainy and disagreeable

Heavy rain 9pm

45 Friday, January 1, 1897

12:01 am. Just listen to the
din! whistles, pistols, horns
crackers and what not.
I'll go home and go to bed (1:30pm)
Up again at 5am and
at office at 9:30am.
and read the papers
and began [meeting?]
Jr. t. Around town
also and paid some
taxes and also at
the PO and clerks office
To dinner 1:30 till nearly
3pm. and then back
to my office and
there all the afternoon
[consent?] to arguments at
6:30 and found home
closing so to elect and
as 10:00 close office and
got word and good [matters?]
from Jr. about it. Home and
read letters and to bed 12:00 am.

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