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To the Hon. Mayor and City Council of Fort Worth:

Gentlemen:-We, the undersigned citizens of Trarrant County, respectful
-ly petition you to erect a suitable market house, and enact proper ordi-
nances to regulate same within the city limits of Fort Worth, believing
that it can be mad e self-sustaining and that it will prove a great saving
to the producers and consumers, and insure the consumers fresh vegetables,
fruits, etc.

J. C. Harris W. Patterson
L. L. Hawes O. H. Heyer
H. S. Cox E. Lewis
W. S. Knight E. C. Evans
Knight Dr. Goods [E?] Delaware [Cafe?]
W. J. Finkhouser by E. C. Evans proper
G. S. Miller W. H. Bedford
B. Z. Friedman J. K. Millican
Delaware S. [Latel?] T. P. Day
J. C. Grisham W. B. Harrison
James Harrison J. W. Adams
W. G. Cook J. C. Barber
Acme Steam Laundrey Jno. W. Harrison
A. W. Wheeler [?] Hearter
M. L. Woods M. Alexander
James Dowell J. W. Harringsworth
E. T. Bergin M. S. Smith
S. H. Guthery J. J. Power
A. A. Alisson C. T. Rendro
J. W. Justin National Gro Co. - T. Juarez
Dr. L. A. Suggs

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