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To the Honorable City Council of Ft. Worth

In the rendition of property for taxation for the year 1902,
lot NO. 4, in block No. 25, in the Union Depot addition to this city was
appraised at $1000.00, I presume this appraisement was made by the
City Assessor, as I did not render it for the year 1902, as I had sold
the property in Feb. of that year, to Mr. Bolar. Vacant lots in this
block were rendered $150.00. each for the year 1902. We did not commence
to build the house on this lot until Jan. 8th 1902, it was finished sometime
in Feb. I respectfully ask that you reduce the rendition for 1902,
from $1000.00. to $150.00. the value of the lot for that year.

I will then pay all back taxes promptly, as the property has been deeded
back to me.


Y E Bennett
Fort Worth, Texas, Feb. 17th, 1905.

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